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Corporate Security

Our Approach to Learning and Effective Application



Understanding the fundamentals of each practice lays the groundwork for proficiency, adaptability, efficiency, and innovation. It empowers our members to effectively use, manage, and improve services to meet client needs and objectives.


Problem Solving

We deliver tailored, effective, and efficient approaches to address specific needs and challenges.

Tailor Solutions Improved Perfromance Competitive Advantage Cost Savings Enhanced Satisfaction Risk Mitigation Innovation + Growth


Best Practices

Agility and responsiveness enhance operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and optimize resource allocation. Furthermore, best practices enable clients to adapt to market fluctuations, customer demands, and competitive pressures in real-time, ensuring they remain agile and competitive. 


Targeting Pain-Points

Clients face both common and organization-specific issues.  We offer a comprehensive method for identifying addressing high-level requirements and implementing solutions that can impact related areas. Our material is based on collective experience and real-time practices.


Real-Time Solutions

Real-time solutions provide clients with immediate and dynamic responses to address challenges effectively.

By offering instantaneous insights and actions, these solutions enable clients to respond promptly to changing circumstances, mitigate risks, and capitalize on opportunities.


Bringing it All Together

While having diverse information is beneficial, it's even more advantageous to possess a roadmap that facilitates the establishment of a robust, strong foundation for future development. The ability to comprehend the effective utilization of elements within a specific service or to skillfully combine multiple corporate security practices in a way that complements each other holds immense value.

Establishing Fundementals


Key for setting a foundation for healthy programs and their future scalability.

Understand where you are and where you need to be.

Service Providers

Laying the foundation for healthy vendor-client management strategies.
Planning for scalability that meets client needs/preferences and consideres evolving risk/threats.


Key for how the dovetailing of soft skills, hard skills, decision making skills, team approach, leadership abilities, and fast adaptability support healthy careers in corporate security.  
Targeting Exisiting Pain-Points


Identify why challenges or roadblocks occur that obstruct proper program maturation and impact return on investment (ROI). 

Understand how to improve engagement with service providers and/or enhance internal department capabilities to overcome unique and common challenges get what you need from your programs.

Service Providers

Implement strategies and feedback mechanisms for early identification of developing internal and client associated pain-points.

Learn how to tailor your services to address specific program and/or team challenges, ensuring that clients and employees feel heard, valued, and supported throughout the process.


Understand corporate culture and implement strategies that support working closely with high-level executives and other employees. 

Apply strategies for smoother acclimation to organizational values and seamless integration into organizational  environments.

Practice professionalism that encourages trust and collaboration; ultimately enhancing the ability to satisfy job requirements .

LockBox Training Affiliates Program

Our initiative to work with affiliates is to ensure that we are able to help learners build on top of the core education that they receive through LockBox to broaden their learning community. This gets them  access to programs that will support them regardless of where they are in their professional development journey.

By providing expanded support and guidance to learners, affiliates act as a bridge between LockBox and opportunities. Acquiring answers to questions, gaining impactful insight, and deepining the well of resources nutures careers, supports business development, and benefits the overall effort to build healthy corporate security programs.

Our Creators

J. Harris.jpg

Jon Harris

Leadership Development


Brittany Galli

Technology in Security

Brian Jantzen Portrait informal 2021.jpg

Brian Jantzen

 Executive Protection 

Tim W_edited.jpg

Tim Wenzel

Enterprise Security Risk Management

LockBox, Director of Community Engagement

CEO, BFG Ventures

Strategic Advisor

LockBox, Director of Media Content & Thought Leadership

Suzanna Headshot.jpeg

Suzanna Alsayed

Brand Development  Technology & Security

CEO, Evolutz

Trinity Davis Headshot.jpg

Trinity Davis

Digital Executive Protection

Sr. Partner, 360 Privacy

heashot PNG_edited.jpg

Thomas Rosehaley

Corporate Medical Programs

Professional Advisor

image0 (2).jpeg

Dr. Jesse Wells

Corporate Medical Programs

Medical Director, Rescorp

Who We Support

Chief Security Officers

Directors of Global Security

Security Managers

Program Managers

Procurement Managers

Aspiring Leaders

Transitioning Professionals

Fortune Companies

Private Offices

Private Families

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